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First record of the Longhenry family is in Gloversville, Fulton County, New York. It is fairly certain that Kasper and Katherine "Langheinrich" came from Germany in 1868 and that their son, George, was with them. They were met by relatives who had come over before them and settled in New York.

It appears from old records that George left home prior to 1880 and traveled west to Glencoe, MN. His wife, Mathilda Bischop, came to the US from Germany in 1880. It is uncertain where they met, but George and Mathilda were married in 1888. That same year they purchased 160 acres of land in Walter Township, La Que Parle County, MN, from the Hatings-Dakota Railroad. They lived and farmed there the rest of their lives.

Neither George or Mathilda ever became naturalized citizens. Mathilda never learned to speak English. Her head stone reads "Mathilda Lanheinrich" but it appears that the name was anglicized sometime while she was still alive. There are various versions of the name including "Lanheinrich, Langheinrich, Longheinrich and Longhenry", but the generations after George and Mathilda all used "Longhenry". After Mathilda died, George remarried and moved to Glencoe, MN where he died and is buried. His land was left in equal part to all his children and was sold after the estate was settled. It changed hands a number of times and now belongs to Edwin Goetsch. Part of the original Longhenry home can still be seen inside the Goetsh home which was built around it.

Ernest Goetsch and Bertha Falk were married in Pommen Germany in 1886 and came to the US in 1893. They settled near Bellingham, MN and moved to South Dakota between 1894 an 1895 and then moved back to Walter Township, La Que Parle County, MN, where they purchased the land adjacent to that of George and Mathilda Langheinrich. George's youngest son, Erick, married Marie Goetsch, daughter of Ernest and Bertha.

Erick and Marie lived most of their lives in the La Que Parle area renting land and farming. The last of these was a farmstead located on the Snake River in Yellowbank township owned by Arthur and Eleanor Riss. Erick died on the Snake River farm and the farm is owned today by his son Vernon. It is one of the most beautiful spots in the area. Marie Longhenry lived with Vernon and his wife Bertha Liebelt on a farm east of Ortonville, MN until her death in 1965.

Gerhard "Gay" Longhenry was the oldest son of Erick and Marie Longhenry and he served in World War II. In April of 1942 he married Eunice Smith, daughter of Ernest and Louise Smith of Milbank, So. Dakota. The were married at Fort Dix, New Jersey. After the war, Gerhard and Eunice built and operated a "Phillips 66" service station in Ortonville, MN. Gerhard died in 1957 after a long fight with cancer. Eunice remarried 7 years later to Ernest Copper of Des Moines, IA. The remained in Ortonville, MN. Eunice died on May 27,1992 of cancer.

Larry Longhenry is the eldest son of Garhard and Eunice Longhenry. He served in the US Navy during the Vietnam War. He met and married Dianne Tanner a Navy Wave from Dover Plains NY on July 30, 1967. Their story is told in a separate item.

Of interest is that in researching this history, I met and made friends with Paul and Ruth Langheinrich from Salt Lake City, Utah. They were still in Germany during World War II, but it seems certain that their heritage must connect with ours prior to the 1880's.



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